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Become A Master Property Investor +
Buying and selling real estate undisputedly has an emotional element. If you let emotions run you, there is a very good chance everything will fall apart or things will not proceed as well as they could.

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A Positive Outlook for Property +
There is one word to describe the current housing market: optimistic. Despite months and years of hearing about a housing bust, the outlook for real estate is good.

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Quick Tips On Buying Rental Investment Properties +
1. Location. If it is a nice locale, it will usually rent faster. This is also true of places close to amenities. Capital Gain is also higher in these areas.

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Real Estate Investing and Goal Setting +
What is the primary reason for success most people have that seems to elude unsuccessful people? Goal setting is the primary reason for success. Lack of proper planning is the number one reason for failure.

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Real Estate: Overcoming Your First Big Hurdle +
As one journey’s through the property investment path, some perceive it to be the rough terrain of real estate.

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"I went ahead and actually invested in 2 properties that I wanted to do for over 20 years"

Antoniette Martin
Antoniette Martin